Mobile Legends Hack for Android

If you are a intrigued by the Mobile Legends game, then you must be interested in following a method for the Mobile Legend Hack so you can improve yourself in the game.

Requirements for Mobile Legends Hack

Fortunately, you can do so with ease as long as you have an Android Phone and you have not played the game before because this method for hacking the Mobile Legends game needs the amount of Battle Points and Diamonds to be zero in order for it to work.

How to Get Battle Points And Diamonds Using Mobile Legends Hack

1.    You can use this method and if you do it correctly, you will get Battle Points and Diamonds for Mobile Legends:
Firstly, download the Mobile Legends Game in the Android Play Store.

2.    If you have downloaded it, then install it on your Android phone and open the game.

3.    Make sure that the Battle or Diamond is still empty, and then exit the game and open your browser to visit the website for hacking Mobile Legends.

4.    After that, you will see that you have to fill in your nickname or email, as well as your device and region. After you have filled in all of the necessary information, click connect.

5.    You will then have to fill in how many Battle Points and Diamonds you want. After entering the number you want, select a proxy, enable the Aes 256, and then lastly click Generate.

6.    When you have clicked Generate, you have to click Verify.

7.    After that, you will have to download an application or another game that the Mobile Legends recommend you to. When you have downloaded the application, do not close it for 30 seconds, because if you close it before 30 seconds, the hack will not work.

8.    After 30 seconds, exit the application and open your Mobile Legends Game. You will see that you Battle Points and Diamonds will have automatically increased with this Mobile Legends Hack.